Tories Re-elected; T-H Forces End Of Dock Strike

LONDON, Oct. 9--The Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, scored a great victory in today's election, winning an unprecedented third term of office. The Labor party was routed.

Macmillan rode to triumph on a wave of British prosperity coupled with a foreign policy calling for forthright dealing with the Soviet Union on H-bomb and other problems.

The Conservatives, who won a five-year term are generally closer to the foreign policy of the United States than are the Laborites. Labor is Britain's Socialist party.

All indications early today were that the Conservatives would emerge from final election returns with a majority far greater than the 53-seat margin they held over other parties in the 630-seat House of Commons.

Longshoremen Back to Work

WASHINGTON, Oct. 8--A week old strike of dock workers for the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts was ended tonight by a federal court Taft-Hartley mandate. Union leaders immediately ordered 85,000 longshoremen back to piers from Maine to Texas. Waterfront activity was expected to return to normal by today.

Meanwhile steel disputants today awaited President Eisenhower's decision on invoking the Taft-Hartley act to end the 86 day steel strike, worst in the industry's history.

The President gave no immediate sign of any action on the steel strike after his return to Washington late today.

There have been no steel negotiations since Tuesday night when top leaders in the industry and the United Steel Workers of America threw up their hands in despair of reaching a new contract agreement.