Council Passes Parietals Report

Requests Extension Of Friday's Hours

The Student Council last night voted to accept the major parts of a committee report calling for extended parietal hours on Friday nights. The first three recommendations of the report, (1) that Friday parietal hours be 4 to 11 p.m., (2) that Friday hours be extended to midnight whenever the hours on the following Saturday are "cut-back" from midnight, and (3) that Saturday parietal hours begin at noon instead of 1 p.m., passed without opposition.

The council voted, however, to send Recommendation 4, proposing that no student be allowed to entertain women in his room on more than three afternoons a week, back to the committee. The members instructed the committee to eliminate any reference to "trading" one or more afternoons a week for Friday evening hours, but to indicate that the Council would be willing to accept changes in the afternoon schedule proposed by the Faculty.

Recommendation 5, "that a 15 minute period be allowed at the end of each of each House function during which all House members could return to their rooms with their dates," was rejected by an 11 to 5 vote. The provision was originally included to make it easier to pick up personal belongings such as suitcases, but the Council felt that it would result in long lines in front of the sign-out desk at 12:15 and was thus infeasible.

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