Yale Grants Coaches Appointments for Life

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Dec. 9--Yale's athletic director disclosed today that all full-time head coaches at the university now have what amounts to lifetime appointments.

DeLaney Kiphuth calls the arrangement, the result of a two-year experiment, "appointments-without-term."

There are no contracts, no signatures, only a handshake.

Head coaches covered by the novel pact are Jordan Olivar, football; Murray Murdock, hockey; Jim Rathschmidt, crew; Ethan Allen, baseball; Phil Morriarty, swimming; Bob Giegengack and Frank Ryan, track; John Skillman, tennis; Bill Harkness, lacrosse and Joe Vancisin, basketball.

They've been on the Yale payroll anywhere from four to 25 years.

In disclosing the arrangement to the Associated Press, Kiphuth said he knows of no other educational institution with this type of security for its head coaches.

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