Eisenhower Says Dulles Illness Will Not Halt Talks on Germany; Integration Proceeds in Virginia

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10--President Eisenhower predicted today that East-West negotiations on Germany will move ahead on schedule despite Secretary of State John Foster Dulles' new illness.

Eisenhower brushed aside Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's bid for him to visit the Soviet Union for informal talks on international problems. Khrushchev had extended an initiation in a Moscow speech Thursday.

Eisenhower made his comments at a news conference at about the time that Dulles entered the Army's Walter Reed Hospital for a few days' rest prior to a hernia operation. Eisenhower spoke of Dulles, who is 70, as "the most valuable man in foreign affairs I have ever known."

Further Integration Ordered

RICHMOND, Va., Feb. 10--A fourth Virginia community--rural Warren County in the northwest--was ordered today by a federal judge to open its white class rooms to 22 Negro pupils next week.

Even as U.S. Dist. Judge John Paul issued a Feb. 18 desegregation order for the reopening of closed Warren High at Front Royal, the city of Alexandria, 50 miles to the east, held racially mixed classes in three schools for the first time.

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