Future Young Executives Invited to Business Comp

If selling ads were the only task of the business editor's the Business Board would hold little appeal for most Harvard-men. However, this board--the last holdout against creeping faminism--has much more to offer.

It is invaluable training for the future creative executive. Such a publication as the Fall Guide to Greater Boston, printed last fall and distributed to 15,000 students in the greater Boston area, is the result of careful study by a business editor of the need for such a booklet and the consequent promotion of its success by him and other editors.

Each day one business editor is responsible for dummying and supervising the set-up of advertising for the day following. This is actually the only "routine" of the business editor. As a member of the board, however, he is expected to contribute more than the occasional dayman slot. Suggestions and gathering-in of new accounts are encouraged, as in the servicing of regular accounts. Work on the various special publications, such as the Confidential Guide to Courses and the Guide to Career Opportunities, is encouraged, if not demanded.

Just as the editorial, photo or news board member finds satisfaction in seeing his handiwork in the paper and in the special publications, so the business editor feels some sense of accomplishment when he reads the CRIMSON.

The board offers not only experience in the business world for those interested in later exploitation of materialistic tendencies, but an introduction to the people of the metropolitan area where they have been consigned for four years, and--incidentally--to a fuller understanding of the world outside the Ivory Tower and of human nature in general.

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