Deans Announce Freshman Ranks

About 31 per cent of the Freshman class made Dean's List for the fall term, according to unofficial estimates the Freshman Dean's Office released yesterday.

This figure equals the mark of the Class of 1960 for the first semester of its freshman year, and represents a considerable rise over the estimated 24 per cent of the Class of 1961 who made the Dean's List at this time last year. The average fall record for Dean's List of the last five freshman classes is about 28 per cent.

According to yesterday's unofficial estimates 348 of the 1102 students in the Class of 1962 made the fall term Dean's List, with 15 in Group 1. In addition, about half of the advanced standing students still residing in the Yard made the Dean's List.

The Dean's Office also revealed that only five freshmen had left the University before the end of the fall term.