Architecture Students to Construct Exemplary Umbrella in Cambridge

A group of students from the Graduate School of Architecture, with the advice of a visiting critic, have completed plans for constructing a novel "concrete umbrella" in Cambridge within the next two months.

In essence, the structure is a sunken platform supported by a one-story center post. It is intended merely to demonstrate the strength of the materials and design and to show the feasibility of building "on stilts."

The structure, second of its kind in New England, has been designed by professionals and will resemble a "concrete umbrella" already built in Canton. The three-inch thick concrete slab will be 48 by 48 feet and supported by a lone 20-inch square center post. A three-foot thick triangular piece of concrete under the surface will support the "umbrella."

According to the students, construction will take place on Memorial Drive on University property, between Dunster House and the power plant. The month-long work on it will begin in two weeks.

Various local firms have agreed to contribute construction materials and labor, and the Corporation recently approved the project and use of the land. John W. Teele '27, University Planning coordinator is supervising details.


To attract the public to the student architectural exhibition, the structure will be lighted at night and the plot will be landscaped this summer.

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