Harkness to Try Cafeteria Style In Face of High Operating Costs

$27,000 Loss Seen This Year

Harkness Commons will probably operate on a cafeteria basis next fall, Louis A. Toepfer '14, vice-Dean of the Law School, announced yesterday. The step was recommended recently in a report by the management consultant firm of Harris, Kerr, Forster, and Co.

Toepfer, who is a member of the Faculty committee studying the firm's report, said a net loss of $27,000 is expected at Harkness this year. Sales volume has fallen steadily since 1953 in the face of rising operating costs, he noted.

Under the new plan, patrons would choose and pay only for what they select from a limited menu. At lunch there would be an express line for those wanting light orders. Prices would be equal to or lower than those in nearby eating places.

No Meal Contracts

Dormitory residents would not be required to sign meal contracts, Toepfer maintained, despite a recommendation to that effect in the report. He emphasised that the company's findings were concerned solely with efficient management, not students needs.

Physical changes and new equipment will cost approximately $40,000, according to the report. Toepfer said this money would come out of general University funds and be repaid.

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