Repertory Asks $50,000 Support

In a final attempt to salvage its opening season, Repertory Boston, Inc., has appealed to "sympathetic members of the Boston theatre-going public" to pledge financial support in the amount of $50,000. This sum would be necessary to maintain operations for the rest of Repertory's season.

The group announced several days ago that the company would close after Saturday night's performance of The Power and the Glory, but since that time their office has been "besieged with calls" asking the company to go on and "pledging support."

Since the announcement, the size of the audiences at Repertory productions has increased considerably, and several of the company's officials feel that a recovery may be possible. The requested funds would be used to give the actors guarantees of employment through the entire season and to maintain credit with Boston merchants.

If the attempt is unsuccessful, the group has enough funds available to make refunds on all advance ticket sales and on season tickets. Contributions will be tax-deductible, subject to government approval, and should be mailed to the Wilbur Theatre, Tremont St., Boston.