HLU Launches Study To Publicize Work Of Veritas Group

The Liberal Union is attempting to secure documents published by the Veritas Foundation in order to publicize the group's methods. "Based on what we have found so far, Veritas is made up of a bunch of cranks, but they are very rich cranks with influence among the alumni," Roger C. Algase '59, former president of the HLU said yesterday.

The HLU became interested in the project after reading the original Veritas letter protesting Ralph Bunche's nomination to the Board of Overseers.

"Instead of specific evidence that Bunche is a Communist, Veritas seems to emphasize that Harvard is a breeding ground for Communists," Algase said.

Even though the HLU is not worried about Veritas' influence on President Pusey or the College, "we do feel that more students should be aware of the methods used by the Foundation," Algase said.

"The HLU hopes this investigation will show that certain groups who use McCarthy's methods and philosophy are still active," Algase concluded.