Phi Beta Kappa Elects 79 Seniors To Membership in Honorary Group

Members of Phi Beta Kappa have elected 79 graduating Seniors. The new members include:

David B. Abernethy '59, of Eliot House and New Brunswick, N.J., H. Kent Allen '59, of Dunster House and Chatham, David M. Asher '59, of Lowell House and Chicago, III., Kenneth Auchincloss '59, of Lowell House and New York City, Alfred C. K. Bakhash '59, of Lowell House and Teheran, Iran, Jonathan F. Beecher '58, of Adams House and Milton, David W. Bernstein '59, of Dunster House and New York City, Peter H. Bodenheimer '59, of Eliot House and Salt Lake City, Utah, Peter P. Brooks '59, of Eliot House and New Canaan, Ct., David O. Carpenter '59 of Winthrop House and Granada, Minn., Michael J. Chamberlin '59, of Kirkland House and Honolulu, Hawaii, Glenn W. Clark '56, of Winthrop House and Georgetown, Idaho, and John P. Demos '59, of Lowell House and Cambridge.

Gregory W. Dickerson '59, of Adams House and Norwich, Vt., Paul J. Eakin '59, of Adams House and Shaker Heights, Ohio, David W. Ehrenfeld '59, of Eliot House and Passaic, N.J., Elliott L. Elson '59, of Adams House and Ladue, Mo., David M. Evans '58, of Lowell House and Philadelphia, Pa., Martin J. Faigel '59, of Lowell House and Lawrence, Francis E. Fendell '59, of Leverett House and Brookline, John M. Ferren '59, of Kirkland House and Evanston, III., Thomas L. Fisher '59, of Adams House and Omaha, Neb., Robert R. Foster '59, of Kirkland House and Princeton, N.J., Daniel M. Fox '59, of Leverett House and Bronx, N.Y., Arthur Freeman '59, of Adams House and Belmont, Howard K. Fuguet '59, of Lowell House and New York City, Edmund B. Games Jr. '59, of Winthrop House and Camp LeJeune, N.C., and Paul Gardner Jr. '59, of Kirkland House and Bausman, Pa.

John E. Gausted '59, of Winthrop House and Minneapolis, Minn., Charles L. Glenn Jr. '59, of Eliot House and Washington, D.C., Guido G. Goldman '59, of Winthrop House and New York City, Robert Goldman '59, of Winthrop House and Far Rockaway, N.Y., Thomas L. Gritzka '59, of Dunster House and Portland, Ore., John M. Gross '59, of Leverett House and Brookline, Victor W. Guillemin '59, of Leverett House and Oak Park, III., Robert C. Hartshorne '58, of Kirkland House and Cambridge, Gregory M. Harvey '59, of Kirkland House and Morristown, N.Y., Ralph H. Henderson '60, of Kirkland House and Pleasantville, N.Y., Thomas E. Hill Jr. '59, of Kirkland House and St. Paul, Minn., Daniel W. Howe '59, of Kirkland House and Denver, Col., George A. Hudock '59, of Adams House and Norristown, Pa., Saul H. Hymans '59, of Eliot House and Newton, and Steven A. Jervis '59, of Adams House and New York City.

William W. Kates '59, of Eliot House and Amherst, Stephen I. Klass '59, of Kirkland House and Sierra Vista, Ariz., Arthur L. Kopit '59, of Dunster House and Lawrence, N.Y., Bernard R. Kripke '59, of Eliot House and Scarsdale, N.Y., Nathaniel H. Leff '59, of Dunster House and Brookline, Stephen A. Lerner '59, of Lowell House and Chicago, III., Robert W. LeVine '59, of Winthrop House and Newton Center, Robert T. Lewit '59, of Adams House and Orange, N.J., Robert W. McCarley '59, of Kirkland House and Mayfield, Ky., Gerald L. Mackler '59, of Lowell House and West Hartford, Ct., Lee B. McTurnan '59, of Winthrop House and Bloomington, III., and Richard M. Moskowitz '59, of Eliot House and Clifton, N.J.


Michael M. Mullin '59, of Leverett House and Mt. Carroll, III., Daniel M. Musher '59, of Kirkland House and New York City, Franz G. Nauen '59, of Eliot House and Cambridge, David M. Perlmutter '59, of Lowell House and Glencoe, III., J. Rion Phillipson Jr. '59, of Kirkland House and Idaho Falls, Ida., David W. Preven '59, of Leverett House and Scranton, Pa., Robert C. Repetto '59, of Leverett House and Winchester, Mass., Michael W. Richter '59, of Kirkland House and Great Neck, N.Y., David D. Robbins '59, of Eliot House and Huntington Park, Cal., M. Richard Robinson Jr. '58, of Leverett House and Denver, Col., Richard Sandler '59, of Eliot House and Malden, Gino D. C. Segre '58, of Adams House and Peekskill, N.Y., and Lazarre S. Simckes '59, of Dudley House and Mattapan.

Haym Soloveitchik '58, of Dudley House and Roxbury, David J. Steinberg '59, of Leverett House and New York City, Robert B. Strassler '59, of Kirkland House and Westport, Ct., Frederic E. Wakeman Jr. '59, of Winthrop House and Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Theodore I. Wallace Jr. '59, of Dunster House and Elmhurst, III., John L. Warner '59, of Dudley House and Detroit, Mich., Andrew L. Warshaw '59, of Adams House and Jamaica, N.Y., Gordon H. Williams '59, of Kirkland House and Kansas City, Kan., Robert I. Willman '59, of Lowell House and Grand Island, Neb., and Theodore S. Zimmerman '59, of Leverett House and Clayton, Mo.

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