The Mail

To the Ediotrs of the CRIMSON:

Kennedy and Nixon discussed the other evening the continuing exodus of an odd and unused commodity from our shores. Although neither candidate grasped the central point, expressing themselves in generalities about stabilizing our currency, and particularly reducing the national debt, their comments made clear the weakness of gold itself as the bulwark of our economy....

We need a uranium standard.

Growth rates are at present a matter of controversy. They should be scientifically determined. The decay rate of radium is well established. At last we can point with pride to the national debt and say it is going down, its half-life pegged, not to the vagaries of partisan politics, but to the immutable laws of nature. The debt ceiling too would be beyond the reach of legislation, limited only by the critical mass of the uranium at Fort Knox.

In view of the advantages of this shift in our economic base, we may look forward with confidence to the future, to the fulfillment of our fondest hopes, and to the achievement of our common goal, whatever that may be, to the day the almighty dollar bows to the lowly roentgen. L. G. King '61   R. N. Zare '61