Goody to Visit Russia Under Exchange Plan

The second Harvard professor to visit the University of Leningrad under an exchange agreement set up nearly two years ago will leave the United States within three weeks. Richard M. Goody, professor of Meteorology, plans to stay in Russia about 25 days, spending most of his time at the University.

While at Leningrad, Goody plans to give a short course of an advanced nature on some phase of meteorology. This course would involve two lectures a week, translated paragraph by paragraph into Russian as he gives them. He has no definite plans for the rest of his time, but he said he expects the University of Leningrad to do a large part of his scheduling.

Russians May Visit University

No Russian professors have come to Harvard on the exchange, although inconclusive correspondence received during the spring and summer indicates that some might visit the United States later this winter. The first Harvard professor to visit Russia was Seymour Slive, associate professor of Fine Arts.

Goody has not yet worked out all the details of his trip. He is still waiting for a visa to travel in the Soviet Union, but, he declared, the visa will almost certainly be granted.

According to the terms of the agreement, Harvard will pay Goody's travelling expenses, and the University of Leningrad will finance his stay in Russia.