ollege Host

The University will be host to a ap of secondary school English inctors during the summer of 1962 as of a nation-wide program of her re-training" to stop deteriora- of high school English instruction. program will be conducted by the mission on English of the College ance Examination Board.

he teachers, from high schools in the ern Massachusetts area, will attend ses stressing clear, descriptive writ- the principles of logic and rhetoric, ern linguistic scholarship for improv- the teaching of grammar, and an oach to literature similar to the ods of the College's Humanities 6, old C. Martin, Chairman of the CEEB mission and Director of General ation A at the College, stated yes.

envisioned by the preliminary re- recently issued by the Commission, University will be one of 20 through- the country cooperating in the re-ing of a total of approximtely 900 hers. Teachers will hold CEEB ts of $600 each to cover their ex-es. They will be instructed at the ge by one or two University faculty hers and other experts who will be ed by the Commission next summer be University of Michigan.

Report Notes Unpreparedness

e report, which deplored the unpredness of college-bound students to "intelligently" and express them-es clearly, called on teachers to nate "peripheral" general educatior ities and stress the basics of English age and literature.

deemed "unsound" the technique requires memorization of word lists. addition to the college institutes, the mission plans to make a series of scopes demonstrating advised teach-practices and to develop sample cur-a, book lists, and assignments.

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