Rise in College Fees Stays Below Average

Tuition, room, and board fees at the College have risen much less in the past 32 years than the national average of institutions included in a recent survey published in the American Council on Education Bulletin.

The selected institutions in the survey fell under the categories of large institutions, small private institutions, men's colleges, and women's colleges. Percentage increases of tuition, room, and board fees for these four groups since 1928 ranged from 152 per cent to 206 per cent.

The increase for the same fees at the College since 1928 is 154 per cent.

Considering tuition increases alone, the College's 217 per cent rise is close to the average: percentage increases in tuition for the four groups ranged from 274 per cent to 354 per cent.

However, considering only room and board fees, the College's percentage increase falls below the averages of all four groups. The national averages ranged from 32 per cent to 113 per cent; the College's increase is 72 per cent.


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