Apartment Planners Await Zoning Ruling

The Cambridge City Board of Appeals heard arguments for and against the proposed 136-unit apartment house in a 90-minute seasion yesterday afternoon before deciding to take the required zoning changes "under advisement."

Four zoning changes are necessary before construction of the building can begin. The only major variance needed is permission to build the apartment house 48 feet taller than the present Cambridge limit of 65 feet.

Presenting the case for the House were its two planners, Charles Kirkwood and M. Thomas Payette. Kirkwood, on a two-day leave from the Coast Guard, argued that the cost of the property is so high that it would be "economically impossible" to build the house without the units provided by the extra height.

Opposing the change in height zoning, a lawyer representing Lesley College pointed out that granting the change is a legislative act, not is the jurisdiction of the Board of Appeals.