Soccer Team Registers 7-2-1 Season; Sets Sights on '61 Ivy League Title

Things are in a pretty bad way when a 7-2-1 season is not considered particularly successful. But this fall's varsity soccer team recovered from the loss of eight 1959 starters and registered just such a record--to no one's very great satisfaction.

Some of the greatest players in Harvard history graduated from last year's Ivy League champions, including three time all-Ivy fullback Lanny Keyes and all-Ivy goalie Tom Bagnoli. With losses like these, nearly everybody seasoned, the Crimson was in for what as called in the trade a "rebuilding" year, which means you take the lumps for a change.

But the prophets of doom ignored the fact that Bruce Munro is one of the best coaches, in any sport, in the entire Ivy League. Munro kept quiet about his team's chanced before the season began, but it was clear that he was not doing to relinquish his twice-won Ivy title without a struggle.

The squad started slowly, first with a narrow 1-0 victory over Tufts and then with a 2-0 loss to Amberat that was later declared no contest. But the varsity came to life behind good play by Seamus Malin and Chris Martin to defeat a solid Cornell eleven, 2 to 1. Next, in perhaps the high point of the season, the Crimson upset Williams, 2 to 1, as Teddy Wendell and Dick McIntosh sparked the offense and Sandy Oortesi led the defense.

Then, unaccountably, the team faltered. Although the Crimson overwhelmed . An overconfident varsity was no match for Dartmouth a week later, as the Indians more triumphed, 5 to 8, scoring more goals in one game than the Crimson gave up to all Ivy teams in 1959.

Still, the varsity was not dead. McIntosh, with the best performance of his career at wing, paced a magnificent Crimson effort against League leader Princeton that was foiled by a fluke Tiger goal. Despite turning in one of its best games, the Crimson bowed, 1 to 0, and the Ivy title was gone. An uninspired 0-0 tie with Yale ended the season.

Morgan, McIntosh, goalie Bob Forbush, insides Tadhg Sweeney and Johann Nottebohm, and halfbacks Bill King, Peter Savage, and Bill Driver (the captain) will depart in June, but Martin, Malin, Wendell, Oortesl, John Adams, Mike Kramer, and a host of others will be back, along with this year's fabulous 3-01-1 freshman team. The Crimson's next Ivy crowa may be less than a year away.