Local Scholars Reported Slated For High Posts in Administration

Bundy Offered Position?

Rumors linking Harvard and M.I.T. faculty members with influential positions in Sen. Kennedy's new administration flourished yesterday.

Authoritative sources declare that President-elect Kennedy, who has appointed David Bell as Director of the Budget and Walt W. Rostow, of M.I.T., as Assistant Secretary of State for Policy Planning, has already offered three other persons in the Cambridge community, including Bundy, definite jobs. He is expected to offer positions to another four or five men at the two schools.

Among the prominent persons reported heading South were Dean Bundy, John Kenneth Galbraith, Archibald Cox, Robert Bowie, Abram Chayes and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

The most substantial story circulating yesterday linked Dean Bundy with the job of Undersecretary of State. The Boston Globe flatly predicted his appointment to that post, while the Christian Science Monitor reported that he was being "highly considered."

Bundy, a 41-year-old Republican who supported Kennedy for President, was unavailable for comment yesterday. President Pusey has refused to speak on the matter at this time.

It was less clear last night whether Galbraith, Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics, had been offered a post. He would not comment on a New York Times story that he was Kennedy's choice as the next Ambassador to India. Although he admitted he had "no yearning for a polished desk" in Washington, he was non-committal on whether he would accept an ambassadorial post.

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently talked to Cox and Chayes, presumably with regard to an appointment. Cox, Royall Professor of Law, took a half-term leave to aid Kennedy's presidential campaign and has been closely associated with the senator since he aided him in preparing the 1958 labor bill. Chayes, professor of Law, served as liaison man between Kennedy and his Cambridge advisors during the campaign.

Schlesinger, professor of History, also took a leave to aid the Senator in getting elected. Bowie, Director of the Center for International Affairs, served as head of the State Department Planning Board for several years.