Vesper Services Set On Sunday Evenings

The United Ministry to Students will cooperate with the Summer School and Memorial Church in holding Vesper Services each Sunday at 8 p.m. in Appleton Chapel, from July 10 through August 21.

Preachers at the Vesper Services include:

July 10, The Reverend R. Jerrold Gibson, Director, Wesley Foundation, Harvard-Epworth Methodist Church;

July 17, The Reverend Robert Dodds, Second Congregational Church, Waterbury, Conn.;

July 24, Dr. Dana M. Greeley, President, American Unitarian Association;


July 31, Professor Krister Stendahl, John H. Morison Professor of New Testament Studies, Harvard Divinity School;

August 7, Dean Samuel H. Miler, Dean of the Faculty of Divinity; August 14, Dr. Hans F. Hofmann, Associate Professor of Theology, Harvard Divinity School; and

August 21, Dr. Alvin D. Smith, New England Synod, United Presbyterian Church.

In addition, morning prayers are held weekdays in Appleton Chapel, 8:45-9 a.m. Speakers include, for the first two weeks: 6, Mr. Thomas E. Crooks; July 7-8, George Selleck, United Ministry to students; July 11-12, Professor William Albright, W. W. Spence Professor of Languages, Emeritus, The Johns Hopkins University; July 13-14, Professor Michael Demos; July 15 and 18, Rabbi -Zion Gold, United Ministry to Students; July 19-20, Dr. Dana M. Cotton; July 21-22, Professor Robert G.