Tennis Tourney Concludes

The annual Tennis Tournament, which has been going on for the last three weeks, will conclude Friday. Jane McDermid--who has reached the finals in two other categories--yesterday won the women's singles, defeating Pauline Bray. These two will pair up this afternoon against Mary Rosen and Ada Dziewanowski in the finals of the women's doubles.

Tomorrow at 4:15 p.m., John Bahcall and W.W. Comfort will face Stephen Lewinstein and Kent Watkins in men's doubles. The final matches of the mixed doubles and men's singles will be held at 4 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Jorge Lehmann, a member of the Harvard varsity, will play Bahcall for the men's title. In the mixed doubles, Miss McDermid and C. Elliott will face Jean Alexander and Watkins.

About 175 students entered the annual tournament, which was run by Hugh Slattery. Prises will be awarded to the winners in each of the five groupings.