Loeb Lowell House Hit by Fires

Theatre Stage Curtain Damaged; Lowell Student Felled by Smoke

Fires broke out yesterday afternoon in both the Loeb Drama Center and Lowell House. Although neither was serious, the damage at Loeb may force a slight in the theatre's opening, according to the Cambridge Fire Department.

The Loeb fire began high up on the red, outer curtain, centually burning five holes in the material, as well as the stage floor and the black velour teaser behind stage. The total damage has not yet been determined.

In Lowell House, smoke from a burning couch temporarily one Harvard student, eventually revived at Stillman There was no damage other than the loss of the such.

Firemen used nine separate units, including three two engine companies, two ladder companies, and a rescue company, on both the blazes.

Lowell Alarm

After an alarm for the Lowell fire was turned in at 4:15 p.m. firemen rushed to the fifth floor of M-entry and rescued unconscious student, Charles B. Frazier '63. He was out past a crowd of 200 drawn by the airens and taken Stillman, where he was described as "pretty badly off after incident, but now recovered."

Frazier had been overcome when he the door to his already room.

The Loeb alarm was turned in at 5:50 p.m. after a group of students and University employees had been unsuccessfully fighting the blase with fire for several minutes.

The cause of the Loeb fire is not down. The Lowell fire resulted from smoking," according to Patrick deputy fire chief.