Varsity Track Standouts Prepare For Knights of Columbus Meet

On the basis of one sensational working, the Crimson's Mark Mullin has been a man to watch in tomorrow Knight's of Columbus track Mullin will challenge one of the country's best runners, Ed Moran, and several other nationally known performance in the O'Railly Mile at the Boston

this week, Muttin asbounded workers at Briggs Cage by turning in a three-quarters on the upstairs board , As anyone knows, this is impossible. Muttin did it, with quarter miles of , 60.2 and 61.9.

Mornn ran a 4:06.9 mile on a flat track week in Baltimore, and observes the former Penn State aoe and to push each other near the K. of O of 4:65, set by the great Ron

Deton Will Face Backus

Last Saturday, Stan Doten warmed up for the K. of C. with a 62 ft., 9 in. weight grow under simulated meet conditions competing against world record holder Flackus at Tufts tomorrow afternoon, should get out around 64 or 65 ft.

Freshman Chris O'Hiri could cause excitement in the broad jump and dash. O'Hiri set a Freshman record 22 ft., 6 1/2 in. against M.I.T. before he called a leg muscle, and two days later, injury and all, cleared 22 ft., 3 in. on his only attempt to take a first against B.U.

Olympian to Compete

Against a field which includes Olympian May and Yale's Jay Luck, Tom will go in the hurdles. Two Yalies, Jim Stack and Tommy will shoot for big titles in the Prout and the Cardinal Cushing 1000, respectively, with no opposition from the Crimson.

The anticipated battle between Crimson and Bulldog two-mile relay units will not take place, because coaches Bill McCurdy of Harvard and of Yale and meet director Ding of Tufts were unable do agree on a time schedule. As matters stand, One , Fred Howard, Jod Fungerald, and Den Kirkland should have little trouble with a third-string Yale squad.

The chances of the varsity mile relay team may be almost tangible if anchor man Larry Repsher can take off with a lead over Stack of Yale. Predictions are that any attempt to pass the sturdy Repsher will and in disaster.

Respsher should have a clear field in the Farrell 500 for New England collegians, since the top runners are shooting for bigger game.