HDC Newsletter Lists Suggestions For Main Stage

Members of the HDC have begun a new periodical in an effort to inform the University community and HDC members of the club's views.

Claiming to be "an extremely important account of the state of affairs around the Loeb Dama Center," the newsletter includes in its first issue a listing of plays suggested by the faculty members of the new Loeb advisory board.

The Loeb will pay for the paper used in the bi-monthly edition, but according to Roger J. Branson '63, editor of the publication, there is controversy over who will cover the cost of postage.

The first issue indicates that The Barber of Seville by Paiasiello, Peer Gynt by Ibson, The Alchemist by Johnson, and Ajax by Sophocles "will grace the main stage next semester."

Eight to ten experimental plays will be produced in the experimental theater, including David Cole's En Croisade which won the recent HDC-Advocate competition.

Suggestions for next year include selections in six categories: Elizabethan, Shakespeare, Modern classics, opera, experimental, and light musical. One of each kind will be presented.