Cross Country Whips Dartmouth, 19-39, With Meehan Setting Pace

Eddie Meehan and Don Kirkland led the varsity cross country team to a rousing 19-39 victory over Dartmouth yesterday at Hanover. The Crimson took five of the first six places, an Big Green ace Tom Laris could do-no-better than 18th.

Meehan finished first for the varsity, covering the 4.63-mile course in 25:34, the third fastest time on record. Tom Wells of Dartmouth ran an inspired race to take second in 25:33, a minute faster than his previous best.

Although he suffered a stitch during the race, the Crimson's Ed Hamlin came in third in 25:43, and captain Mark Mullin took fourth, four seconds behind Hamlin, despite a sore toe and leg. Bob Knapp was fifth in 26:14.

For years, Kirkland has had a flaming rivalry with Dud Hallagan of Dartmouth. Hallagan has always defeated Kirkland in the 440 in track, and Kirkland has always beaten his rival in the 600. Hallaga, though, has come out on top in cross country; two years ago, his victory over Kirkland was a deciding factor in a Dartmouth win.

But today, Kirkland came through with a terrific competitive effort. He beat out Hallagan for sixth place by seven seconds with a fine 26:17 clocking.

The freshmen trounced Dartmouth, 17 to 46. Yardling John Ogden was first in 14:37 for the 2.67-mile track.