Students Plan Protest Of Atmospheric Tests By March to Arsenal

A spontaneously formed group of students and Faculty, with the support of Tocsin, will join thousands of women in 25 cities across the country tomorrow when they stage a march to the Watertown Arsenal preceded by a planned vigil in the Yard.

Protesting the recent nuclear blasts by the Soviet Union and the possibility of the United States' resuming atmospheric tests, the group will leave from the Cambridge Common at 2 p.m. On their arrival at the Arsenal they will meet a large contingent from Brandeis and will hear talks by students and Faculty of both schools.

Among the speakers will be Dorothy Lee, Lecturer on Anthropology, and Kathleen Gough Aberie, professor of Anthropology at Brandeis.

During the proposed vigil, the Harvard group plans to sit quietly in the Yard, answering questions and distributing leaflets, while their Brandeis counter-parts take to the Waltham streets in a similar effort urging housewives, students, and other interested citizens to write letters of protest to Congressmen and to government officials of both the Soviet Union and the United States.