Brooks Heads Bomb Shelter Study Group

Harvey Brooks, Dean of the Division of Engineering and Applied Physics, will serve as chairman of the University's committee to study what action, if any, Harvard should take for protection in case of nuclear attack.

Acting President Charles A. Coolidge '17 yesterday named Brooks and 11 other representatives of the various schools in the University to study the problem "in the light of the plans and policies of local, state, and national governments."

Also named by Coolidge were Thomas C. Schelling, professor of Economics, who has done extensive work on applying game theory and decision theory to the probability of nuclear war; Robert Humphrey Marden '49, lecturer on Education and former consultant to the Massachusetts Civil Defense Department; and Benjamin G. Ferris, Jr., associate professor of Environmental Health and Safety and Director of Environmental Health and Safety for the University Health Services.

Also, George W. Gibson, Director of the Division of Audio-Visual Education and part-time Civil Defense Director in the Graduate School of Business Administration; Cecil A. Roberts, Director of Buildings and Grounds; and Arthur Trottenberg '40, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for Business Affairs.

Faculty members of the committee include David Cavers, Fessenden Professor of Law; James H. Shaw, associate professor of Biological Chemistry in the School of Dental Medicine; Leslie Silverman, professor of Engineering in Environmental Hygiene; Shields Warren, professor of Pathology at the New England Deaconess Hospital; and Frank H. Westheimer, Morris Loeb Professor of Chemistry.

Other members will be added later.