White Labels HUAC 'Dishonest,' Calls Committee Unconstitutional

Burton White, a leader of the San Francisco riots against the House Committee on Un-American Activities in May of 1960, last night condemned the House Un-American Activities Committee for "attacking the aspects of society which lead to a freer nation."

Before a Harvard-Radcliffe Liberal Union audience, White characterized the committee as a "dishonest, un-Constitutional, and dangerous un-American institution."

White cited the film "Operation Abolition" as an example of its "dishonesty." even after its claim that the Comunists had planned the San Francisco riots months in advance had been disproved, the Committee made no change in its film, White asserted.

The Communists could not have planned the riots "months" in advance since the Committee made the decision to meet in San Francisco in April, according to White.

The Committee, White claimed, "hits at the fundamental areas which distinguish the United States from totalitarian powers." He characterized their activities as a series of inquisitions in which individuals are made to account for their political convictions."