Midway through the winter, coach Jack Barnaby's squash team played and surrounded one of the few double-headers in Crimson racquet sports history, with victories the same day over Penn and Princeton. This Spring Vacation his tennis varsity attempt an even more ambitious venture--a double schedule for the first and second six against various Southern colleges and other touring Northern teams.

From the results of fall practice and work this month on courts set up in the B., Barnaby has already selected the players to make the trip. They will leave on Friday, March 31, returning at the end of vacation. Though the two of the team will rarely play in the same place on the same day, Barnaby plans spend time with both groups.

Sophomore Paul Sullivan has the top spot on the ladder at present, ahead of last number one man, Bob Bowditch. Doug Walter is currently playing three, captain Peter Smith number four. Mark Woodbury and Bob Schwartzman and out the top six.

A primary objective of the spring trip will be to develop doubles pairs that can form together regularly all season. The major flaw in the Crimson's attack last was that Barnaby often had to combine players who had not practiced together unsettled state of Harvard doubles continued all the way to May, and in the ten days of the season Smith had to play matches with three different partners third doubles.

the top and second six will play Byrd Park on the first Saturday of vacation, first unit will then meet North Carolina on Monday and Tuesday, Presbyterian ege on Wednesday, and Duke on Thursday and Friday. Both groups will play Country Club of Virginia on the final Saturday.

The second unit, composed of Keith Martin. Dave Moore, Cal Pollen, Chris Clark, Adelman, John Roosevelt, and John Bradbury, will play Kalamazoo, Toledo, Clemson during the week.