McCormack Raps Image Of Corruption in Politics

Wyzanski Hearings

Massachusetts Attorney General Edward J. McCormack, Jr. vigorously the integrity of state civil servants against "a popular image of venality corruption" before a meeting of the Law-Graduate Democratic Club yesterday.

"Nine out of every ten public officials in Massachusetts are dedicated public ," McCormack declared. "But in this state if one is weak, the rest are concerned weak." Although admitting that hearings by Judge Charles E. Wyzanski '27, revealed corruption in state government McCormack charged that in the public "every public official in the state has been indicted and convicted by Wyzanski." Popular cynicism toward public servants is deep-rooted, McCormack implied. the Cambridge City Council authors the sale of part of the Cambridge for John B. Sullivan's "stilts," that as far as Cambridge were concerned, "every elected of Cambridge was in somebody's pockets."

to the sensational hearing by Wyzanski in U. S. District on the alleged bribing of government officials by the engineering arm of Worcester, McCormack criticized the arbitrary procedures and the since of civil libertarians."

the "search for truth" hearings of and early January, Wyzanski threatened witnesses with charges and denied them the of the Fifth Amendment. "From other men one might expect these ," McCormack claimed, " is one of the most brilliant men bench."

Cynical of Rights

, a prominent prospect for Democratic nomination for Governor . Senator in 1962, charged that civil libertarians demand that the respect the rights of the , they share popular cynicism the rights of a member of the government are challenged in court.