Independent Kitchens May Get One Menu

The three Houses with independent kitchens may have identical menus next year.

Carle T. Tucker, director of the University Dining Halls, said yesterday that he was "seriously considering" a proposal that would give Adams, Dunster, and Quincy Houses identical meals next year. He added, however, that he has not yet decided "anything definite."

In no case, he explained, will the menus be the same as the Central Kitchen's Moreover, the meals will continue to be prepared in the individual Houses.

Serving a single menu in these Houses would "save a great deal of money" by "facilitating the purchasing of the Houses food," Tucker stressed. Purchasing is "at present one of the most confused areas" in the dining hall system, he noted.

Tucker said that the idea of a common menu has been "in the air" for about four years, although this is the first time that the University Dining Halls have given it serious consideration. It was one recommendation of the Harris-Kerr-Foster Report of 1957, which called for a standard menu for all University dining halls.

If Adams, Dunster, and Quincy adopt a single menu for next year, it will be the second major change in the dining halls in the past year. This fall the University hired a catering organization to operate Harkness Commons after the dining hall had lost $55,000 last year.