The Spring Season

about everybody has returned from spring vacation, President Kennedy has thrown out the opening-day baseball, and although Cambridge weather has dumped garbage on it all, the spring sports season is fully under way.

Crimson sports fans will have a chance to see some very top performances this year. Highlighting the Harvard season the lightweight crew and the lacrosse team, each one of the teams in its sport in the nation. The lightweights are undefeated races over the past three years, and the lacrosse squad has national recognition with an astounding 100-point scoring performance in its first six games, all victories.

The track team is expected to be one of the finest squads in Harvard's history. With four team members holding University records, outstanding strength in the field events and longer distances, with a decisive victory over Army in its season opener last week, Crimson is almost certain to make history. A fourth Harvard tennis team--is also much above average. It went in nine matches during its spring tour, an indication, of greater things to come.


The only question marks right now are the heavyweight crew, the team, and the golf squad. The heavyweights, though loaded potential and everything necessary for a great year, can't to find a winning combination for their boat. The baseball after a losing season last year, won three out of six games spring tour, and will have assorted problems. And so will the team. Any one of these teams could blossom very quickly, with a little bit of luck.

sports are another thing. They are not subsidized by the university, they play graduate students, and they receive little attention. All three spring season clubs at Harvard--Yachting, Rugby, Cricket--are expected to do well this year, particularly the Yacht Club and the never-say-die Rugby Club.

Harvard House sports. Kirkland is leading the race for the Trophy.

then there is Radcliffe. But what does Radcliffe have to do the American and National League baseball champions? Sport.


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