Rainy Weather Hurts Club Athletics


It looks like a hard luck year for the Crimson rugby team. After winning one game against Cornell--by for felt--the squad dropped two straight to Yale, and and then one to Brown last Saturday. Mostly it was the result of injuries.

The initial pre-season loss of Dick Baker and Jack Downing was the most serious single blow the team suffered, but in the Yale game, two other key men, Ian Pasley-Tyler and Mike Auer, were also injured.

The team felt the absence of these two men against Brown especially. The game was played on a wet field, so there was little ball handling, and consequently a low score. Brown managed to take advantage of one lucky break to do the only scoring of the 5-0 Crimson loss. Harvard spent the last ten minutes of playing time its good scoring position, but to no avail.

Against Yale the first team played with thirteen men for the last few minutes of the game, and the Elis found it easy to pull ahead. The final score was 14-12.

The second fifteen has fared somewhat better thus far in the season. They tied the Yale second string 6-6, and last Saturday beat the New York Rugby Club 14-11.

The next game is this Saturday, against Princeton, a non-league encounter. On the following Wednesday, May 10, the Crimson meets MIT. The team's schedule after the depends upon how well they do in those two games. Hopes of winning the league have been ended, but the team may play a Boston or Canadian team "just for fun" as one squad member said.