Annual Prizes Won In English, Classics

* William D. Gordy '61, has been awarded the Harold W. Ross Prize for the best undergraduate short story in the aca demic year for his piece, "The Greeks." Runners-up Robert R. Bailey '63, George D. Horowitz '62. Honorable mention: Alan V. Berger '61, Jean-Louis G. Bourgeois '63, Daniel A. Eigerman '61, and Charles K. Horman '64.

* Clive F. Foss '61, has won the Charles Eliot Norton Fellowship in the Classics Department for a year of study in Greece.

* Micael D. West 2G: the Helen Choate Bell prise for an essay entitled "Sherwood Anderson's Triumph: The Egg."

* Henry P. Gates, Jr., '61: The David Taggart Clark prise for the Latin oration at Commencement.

* Albert W. Alschuler '62 and Laurence H. Tribe '62: Coolidge Prise as the best speakers in the triangle debate.

* Stephen W. Botein '63 and Christopher W. Beal '63: First and Second William Scott awards for an outstanding sophomore essay in History