1936 Celebrates At Boston Pops

The Class of 1936 took over the Boston Pops last night, jamming the downstairs tables and filling both balconies with children.

While the corks popped and the paper airplanes flew, Arthur Fiedler conducted the orchestra in the annual Harvard concert. The alumni shed their coats in deference to the 90-degree heat, but Fielder kept his on despite cries of "Take it off" emanating from the rear tables.

The alumni applauded every piece enthusiastically and stood respectfully for the final rendition of "Fair Harvard." Included in the concert were Morse's "Up the Street, March," Brahms' "Academic Festival Overture," Saint-Saene' "The Animals' Carnival, Grand Zoological Fantasia," and "Kid Stuff (A Good-Night Send-off for the Second generation), arranged by Hayman.

After the intermission, the orchestra played the finale from Symphony No. 4, by Tschaikovsky; "Hernando's Hide-away" from The Pajama Game; selections from West Side Story, by Leonard Bernstein '39; and "Harvard Fantasy," by Leroy Anderson '29. The intermediates left early to the strains of "Never on Sunday."

As the alumni poured out of Symphony Hall onto the waiting buses, one weary Harvard wife murmured, "I'm too old for this." But no one else agreed with her.