Class of 1911 Spends Day Quietly, Watches Movies of Its 25th Reunion

In striking contrast to the 25th Reunion's hectic pace, the members of the 50th Reunion class spent the day yesterday quietly remeniscing and watching movies of themselves frolicking at their 25th in 1936.

The Class of 1911 met at the Brookline Country Club in 90-degree heat and chose to watch itself running, swimming, playing, eating and drinking years ago. With unusual foresight, the Class hired a professional movie man to film its 25th Reunion for posterity.

Yesterday the 172 returning classmates spotted each other on the screen and kept repeating how things had changed.

At Harvard, the Class of '11 was most impressed with the physical changes of the last half century. On the way to Brookline many members commented on the new type, the extent, and the number of architectural additions. Fittingly, the Class has its headquarters in the newest of the additions--the Leverett Towers--while most of the 1936 men are staying in the buildings they lived in as undergraduates.

The day was mostly for conversation in Brookline. Later the class was entertained at the Museum of Fine Arts. Today 1911 attends a Memorial service for classmates and takes in the ball game.

In re-living their trip to Essex, the night at the Pops (1911 started the custom), their family field day, their parades to the ball game and at Commencement, the members of the Class recalled that a crowd of 1250 attended the affair. In 1961, the 25th Reunion class has brought a delegation of 2100 to Cambridge.

One of the most prominent members of the class, Conrad Aiken, was expected to arrive today. Actor-director Howard Lindsay, another famous member, did not attend this year.

Monday night the class caught up on activities at Harvard today at a symposium featuring four University officials--Fred L. Glimp '50, Dean of Admissions; Reuben A. Brower, Master of Adams House; Dr. Dana L. Farnsworth, Director of the University Health Services; and John M. Barnaby, coach of tennis and squash.