Management to Close University Theatre For Renovations

The University Theatre will be closed from late October until Christmas for a $50,000 renovation.

When it opens again, the theatre will feature live entertainment as well as its usual Hollywood spectaculars. Management officials also plan to run large-scale foreign films, like La Doice Vita.

Closing the theatre for renovation will be the first act of Brattle Films, Inc. when it takes over a long term lease on the building on Nov. 1. The exact date of closing will depend on film schedules for the last half of October, and might precede the formal beginning of the lease by a day or two.

As part of the renovation, workmen will tear up the concrete floor in the theatre's main section and install 1500 new two-position, adjustable seats. The seating plan involves 400 fewer chairs than at present, in order to permit more leg room.

New Entrance

The entrance to the building will also undergo extensive revision. A glass-front will replace the open hallway, and the approach to the theatre's interior will be cleared of intermediary doorways. The renovation plan includes complete refurnishing and repainting. There will be new projection equipment, and a new screen the same size as the old one.

Once operating, the remodeled theatre will still use second-run Hollywood films for the bulk of its shows. However, Brattle Films hopes to intersperse the second-runs with an occasional current film, in addition to foreign movies and live entertainment. No performers have been contracted yet, but the company plans to book them at regular intervals during the spring term.

Brattle Films has no plans as yet for a change in the admission price.