City Reappoints Curry Manager

The Cambridge City Council yesterday unanimously re-elected John J. Curry '19 as City Manager and awarded the position of City Clerk to Thomas M. McNamara, who was defeated last fall in his bid for re-election to the Council.

In nominating Curry, Councillor Joseph A. DeGuglielmo '28 asserted that "the city has advanced tremendously during the City Manager's ten years in office." DeGuglielmo also cited the "energy and perseverance" which Curry has brought to the job.

DeGuglielmo warned, however, that "what we have done in the past is not enough." He stressed that "the City Manager must work with each individual member of the Council to accomplish even more for Cambridge in the future."

"The election of the City Manager was postponed last week," DeGuglielmo explained, "only to give the three new members of the Council a chance to know more about the Manager and the city." He said that the Council had "a candid, complete, and harmonious discussion" with Curry last Thursday.

After being sworn into office, Curry, a former instructor at the College, admitted that "we have many problems in municipal operations." He aserted, however, that he and the Council could work together to meet them.

The Council's choice as City Clerk, Thomas M. McNamara, was a member of the body for many years and mayor of Cambridge in 1958 and 1959. In nominating McNamara, Councillor Andrew T. Trodden called the Clerk's job "a most important position of honor and trust" and asserted that it "affects the lives and interests of all the people of Cambridge."

MacNamara's appointment fills the office vacated by the retirement of former Clerk Frederick H. Burke. The term expires in June, 1962.