Students Should Sex, Bio Professor, Claims In Magazine Article

"Sexual Intercourse, with modern contraceptives and medical advice readily available, should be condoned among college students sufficiently mature to engage in it." Dr. Leo Koch asserts in the January issue of Campus Illustrated, the new magazine for us Kampus kats.

A former professor of biology at the University of Illinois, Koch was relieved of his duties for just such nasty talk. But he perserveres --a voice in the wilderness, advocating "a great deal more freedom for college students to decide for themselves when and how they are to indulge their sexual desires."

"There are excellent reasons why collegians should engage in heterosexual relations before marriage," Koch says. The main one is that "sexual organs are so basically integral to the human organism that they influence human behavior profoundly and inevitably. Sexuality cannot be warped without also warping the personality."

Koch is keenly aware that "the clergy's first outcry" against this sort of thing is that it would seriously increase incidences of contagious venereal disease and illegitimate pregnancy. One answer he advances to these religious cavils is," ...neither venereal disease nor pregnancy are major tragedies unless they are exaggrated out of all proportions and are not properly handled."

Students should, however, "participate selectively," Koch says. This means three things: "they should not sex without contraceptives; they should not sex with strangers; and they should not sex for the wrong reasons"--which, Mother points out, means they really can't sex much more than they used to.