Licensing Board Opposes 'Twist'

Starting today, the twist will no longer be a "main attraction" in Boston--not because its popularity is waning, but because of an official ruling by the Boston Licensing Board.

Timothy Tobin, a memer of the three-man Licensing Board, said Thursday, night, "We plan to tell the establishments we license to stop advertising the twist as their main attraction.

"We can't ban the twist, but we don't want places encouraging it, and we'll tell them to stop." Tobin has two daughters, 16 and 19, who, he says, do the twist.

According to an article in the Boston Herald, Tobin said that the Board action was the result of complaints from the police and that the interdiction would be officially announced to establishments under Board control on Monday.

But Boston officialdom is not in agreement on the subject. City censor Richard J. Sinnott has announced that he will not seek to ban the twist in Boston.