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By Michael S. Lottman and Susan M. Rogers

The Department of Romance Languages will offer an intensive Spanish course this spring primarily designed for members of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra. The HRO is planning to tour Mexico this summer.

Nominally headed by Edward J. Geary, associate professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, Spanish Ba will meet four hours a week and will be a half-credit course. it is not open to students who have had either Spanish A or two years of secondary school Spanish.

The new course will include some reading, but the heavy emphasis will be on oral-aural instruction. According to a spokesman in the Registrar's Office, "particular attention will be paid to Spanish as spoken in Mexico."

In December, the Committee on Educational Policy turned down a student request for a half-credit course in Swahill for the second year in a row.

Dean Monro, in explaining the CEP's December action, said, "It's a matter of education policy, and the general feeling is that the University should not become involved in a one-shot 'service' course of his kind, which aims only at conversational facility."

According to President Pusey, the Faculty prefers to limit its teaching to languages which have a substantial literature or in which study can lead to a doctorate.

Edward L. Pattullo, secretary of the CEP, yesterday pointed out the differences between the cases of Swahill and Spanish Ba. He admitted that the basic demand for the Spanish course came form the HRO, but, he said, "Spanish is language in which you can go on. It couldn't be possible to go further in Swahill--the course would be strictly a service offering."

Spanish Ba simply "takes advantage of the special motivation," Pattullo said. Professor Geary felt, with the high level of motivation, the course could cover a full year's work in one term."

Pattullo said the CEP would generally approve courses such as Spanish Ba, "if the Department can adjust its offerings in a particular interest."

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