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Ivy Outlook

By Joseph M. Russin

The two pre-season favorites in the League, Princeton and Dartmouth a chance to fatten their Ivy records today as they pay visits to the League's two weakest teams.

Princeton, which devoured poor Columbia last week, goes to Philadelphia. Pennslvania, which was soundly beaten by Dartmouth in its last appearance, will be the reluctant host.

Five different Tiger backs evaded Columbia last Saturday on their way to the end zone. Princeton was only supposed to have four runners, but as coach Dick Colman dug deeper and deeper into his reserves he found an astonishing amount of talent.

While Columbia was being slaughtered, Penn was valiantly trying to overcome the mud and the Indians of Hanover. They were successful in neither effort. Actually the mud may have been a blessing; on a good day Dartmouth might have won by much more than, 17-0.

Dartmouth comes out of the hills this week to see Providence and find out if all the stories about a resurgent Brown team are true. Quarterback Bill King was relatively inactive in the Penn game, preferring to direct his friends into the Penn line. He might have to work harder today, however, as Brown definitely appears to have a team.

The first indications of this came when the Bruins surprised Colgate in their opener and then almost Columbia the next week. Last week they tied Yale. While this might not seem to be much of a feat, for Brown it was one of the happiest moments in years.

Brown's sophomore quarterback, Jim Dunda, again showed that he may be headed for stardom as he led his team through rain, mud and Yalies to the game's lone touchdown. Yale could only produce two field goals.

Bob Blackman may have to make his boys hustle today, but another addition to the Dartmouth scalp string seems inevitable.

The only League game in which the result is uncertain is in New York, where Columbia battles Yale. After last Saturday about all the Lions have left is the poise of Archie Roberts, their quarterback, which remained intact despite the Tiger's claws.

It's pretty hard to say what the Yalies have, except perhaps a better team. The Bulldogs were pretty unimpressive against Brown, but Yalies have a way of doing strange things.

The New Haven boys school does have some speed in its backfield, though, and this might be enough to penetrate Columbia's line. Yale, maybe, by a field goal.

Cornell gathers its courage and football team together today for a journey to Annapolis to play Navy. The Big Red just made it past a stumbling Harvard team last week, but its chances of similar luck today are almost nil.

Hhe Middies took on more than they could handle when they tried to tackle Minnesota last week; Cornell should be easy.

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