A Correction

The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I have just seen the September 24 CRIMSON report of my address at Radcliffe's Formal Opening and hasten to try to set the record straight. I would like you and your readers to know that the CRIMSON account of my views with reference to Radcliffe's future conveyed quite the opposite meaning from that intended or, as far as I can ascertain, understood by others who were present.

I did refer to the assumption held by some that Radcliffe would soon fade indistinguishably into Harvard but this was cited only to introduce my reasons for believing that the present organization of Radcliffe as a vigorous woman's college within the University has valuable potentialities which it would be most unfortunate to lose.

The establishment of the Radcliffe Institute for Independent Study was cited as a case in point. To be effective it needs the resources of a university but without the concern and the freedom of action as well as the awareness of the problem that Radcliffe provides, it would probably not have come into existence. In giving direct assistance to capable women whose intellectual interests have not been discouraged or diverted by home responsibilities, Radcliffe demonstrates its confidence in the capabilities of its own product. It hopes that the accomplishments of the Institute Scholars will prove significant in themselves and the establishment of the Institute be a source of inspiration to younger students at Radcliffe and elsewhere. The response has far exceeded our wildest expectations.

No longer is it important to have a separate women's college in order to provide women with educational opportunities similar to those enjoyed by men. Most certainly this assumption would not justify duplicating structures within a given institution. Rather it is to provide educational elements that are distinctive and of especial, although not necessarily exclusive, interest to women that I believe it is valuable to maintain Radcliffe as a vital, organic part of Harvard University. Mrs. Mary I. Bunting,   President,   Radcliffe College.