Young Dems Sit Out Senate Race

The Young Democratic Club of Harvard and Radcliffe failed to endorse anyone for United States Senator at a turbulent meeting of the general membership last night.

Edward M. Kennedy '54, the nominee of the state Democratic Party, received the votes of 25 of the 81 members present. Independent H. Stuart Hughes got 22 votes, Republican George Cabot Lodge '50 got two, and there were 32 abstentions. It took a majority of those present to endorse a candidate according to the Club Constitution.

The YDCHR had supported state Attorney General Edward J. McCormick, Jr., in his fight for the Democratic Senatorial nomination.

In a related move, the Young Democrats voted to ask Kennedy to appear in public debate with Lodge and Hughes. Kennedy has so far declined to do so.

The Club also elected Deborah I. Myrick '64 to its executive board.