Yalies Flub Parody Issue

(From Our New Haven Correspondent)

NEW HAVEN, Nov. 24--In an agonizing last-minute reappraisal, the editors of Yale Daily News, a local trade journal, decided today not to distribute their scheduled parody of the CRIMSON.

"We'd expected it would look pretty bad," News chairman Jonathan Chapman Rose announced in explanation, "and I've seen ugly before, but when we got copies of this parody from the printers, hoo boy, what ugly! We just couldn't go through with it. It was humiliating."

Instead, the Newsers planned to issue an emergency parody of their own publication, which, they said, they would disguise as a two-page post-Game "Extra."

"It'll be a howl," Rose promised me in a telephone interview, indicating that the humor of the parody would derive from the fact that it would be entirely printed before The Game. This would, in effect, he said, distinguish it from a similar but real post-Game "Extra" to be published by the CRIMSON during The Game and actually containing full details on the course of play as well as the final score.

[Late reports from the Canadian News Service, however, bring out the fact that the Yalies were not successful in even this desperate maneuver. In a news release on the "Extra" Rose admitted that the CRIMSON "Extra" had been the first to hit the streets "by at least 15 minutes," and claimed that the Dailie failure was "an act of God." "He's always been against us," Rose concluded.]