Howe Predicts Kennedy Will Make poor Senator

Outrageous Victory'

Mark DeWolfe Howe, professor of Law termed Ted Kennedy's senatorial victory "an outrage" at a Leverett House panel discussion yesterday.

Howe, a Hughes supporter, predicted that the Kennedy victory "will leave scars both locally and nationally." He commented that "the prospects of the Democratic party rallying around a 30-year-old fellow who's never done anything are doubtful," and expressed skepticism that Kennedy will come through with any of his promised reforms.

The growth of the "Kennedy dynasty" as a result of Tuesday's election Howe described as "very frightening." He considered it "a serious breach of a principle of democratic government."

Commenting on other facets of the election, Howe termed as "tragic" the defeat of a state-wide graduated income tax. He predicted that Governor-elect Endicott Peabody '42 will be able to do little with a state that is not "properly financed."

Appearing on the panel with Howe were Douglas Bailey, an associate of the Center for International Affairs, and Norman Greenwald, a professor at Brandeis.

Bailey, who backed Lodge in the senatorial campaign, attributed his candidate's defeat largely to the bad organization of the state Republican Party. He noted the absence of a cohesive effort within the Republican Party during the campaign. Bailey cited the culmination of the Cuban crisis during the campaign as another reason for Lodge's defeat. Without it, he said, the race would have been very close.

Greenwald, who strongly supported Kennedy during the campaign, emphasized his confidence in Teddy's political abilities. He stressed Massachusetts' need for "hardboiled, tough political leadership," and described Teddy as "a tough politician." Much of Teddy's strength will lie in his influence with professional politicians, and his popularity, Grenewald said.