Harvard Names Passonneau To Head Architecture Dept.

Joseph R. Passonneau, presently Dean of the School of Architecture of Washington University, will become Chairman of Harvard's Department of Architecture in 1963, Jose Luis Sert. Dean of the School of Design, announced.

Passonneau, in accepting the appointment as Professor of Architecture, will take a major part in planning educational policy for the School of Design, Sert stated.

A magna cum laude graduate of the School of Design, Passonneau, has served with TVA and was in private practice before joining the faculty at St. Louis. While at Washington University, he was active in determining educational policy, as well as designing several buildings for the School.

Earlier in Chicago and in Tennessee, he designed a summer auditorium for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the first private redevelopment project in Chicago, one-billion-dollars of industrial buildings for the Tennessee Valley Authority, a new downtown for Oak Ridge, Tenn., and another major shopping center, as well as residences.

Professor Passoneau is a member of the American Institute of Architects.