Hockey Team Faces White Mules Tonight

Every season Colby surprises the northeast by producing a better hockey team than has been predicted, and this year's sextet will probably be no exception. The Crimson's tilt with the White Mules should be a close, hard-fought battle.

If the varsity's performance against St. Nick's Hockey Club last Saturday was any example of Crimson ability, Colby will have little trouble winning. But the members of coach Cooney Welland's offense looked weaker than they have during many practice sessions. Goalie Godfrey Wood simply had a bad night.

With the experience of one hard game out of the way, the Crimson should play considerably better tonight. Gene Kinasewich again is not going to play, but the first line has a strong scoring potential even without him.

Last year's game with Colby was a penalty-laden consolation match at the end of the ECAC tournament. Neither team was happy about being in the game, and they displayed their ire by forcing the referees to call five minor penalties, four major five minute infractions, and two ten minute misconduct penalties.

The hero of the 2-0 Harvard win was goalie Wood, who came up with 22 saves and blocked four Colby shots in quick succession to squash the Mules' most serious scoring threat.

The highlight of the game came at the end of the final period, when Colby's left defenseman Bob McBride elbowed Kinasewich, who dropped his gloves and slugged him back.

Soon the ice was a mass of battling hockey players. When the refs had finally separated the brawling teams and assessed penalties, Kinasewich and McBride had been thrown out, many of the others had received minor penalties.