Soviet Speaker Maintains Russia Seeks World Peace

the Cuban situation as a example of cold war co-operation Alexander S. Fomin, political country of the Soviet Embassy to the United States assured an often skeptical audience Thursday night that the Soviet was dedicated to the pursuit of

Fomin mentioned the "sincere efforts the Soviet Union to achieve total a solution to the German problem, and a concern for the border dispute" as proof of this position. He summarized the of Russia as the attainment of to abundance for all its citizens," said that the Communist nation world peace to reach this goal.

the question period which followed speech, Fomin was forced to defend Soviet intentions. He said that Russia would not pay for the UN Congo operation "which helped murder Patrice Lumumba," and that East Germans were killed when escaping into West Berlin because they did not leave "through the proper channels of visas and passports."

No Laughing Matter

The Soviet counsellor also responded to audience reaction several times during the body of his speech. In countering laughter about his expression of Russian aims in the Himalayan conflict. Fomin warned the audience of "the consequences of world war" and asked "if it was anything to laugh about."

Particular emphasis was placed during the speech on the program for the Communist party presented during the 22nd party congress. Fomin said that the progress which will be made in the next 20 years within the Soviet Union will create "the richest nation in the world", a nation to which people will look and decide "we are for communism." In this, Formin said, was the "inevitable triumph of communism" which is "dedicated to peace."