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By Richard B. Ruge

The September issue of the Ku Klux Klan magazine The Cross and the Flag praises Howard Phillips '62, one-time president of the late Student Council and hero of the Conservative Revival on Campus, for his continuing efforts to save the University from the clutches of Fabian socialism.

Official organ of "the Christian Nationalist Crusade, a national political committee," the monthly magazine spotlights Phillips in a column entitled "101 Facts Beneath the Surface." "The political sensation of the moment," the article boasts, "is the manifestation of patriotic activity among young people. The right-wing movement among college and university students is growing at a phenomenal rate."

As an example, the KKK-sponsored magazine cites the "President of the Harvard University Student Body, [who] is what the Communists and mind-washed brain trusters refer to as an extreme right-winger. Attempts have been made to smear this young man, a Mr. Phillips, and to give him the silent treatment even in the campus newspaper, the CRIMSON."

[Last April Phillips' name appeared in seven successive issues of the CRIMSON.]

Despite this hostility of the press, the article states, "whenever a test of popularity is made, Phillips increases his victorious position. In this connection, it is worth noting that a committee of alumni (the Veritas Foundation) is carrying on a nation-wide and world-wide movement in an attempt to rescue Harvard from its scandalous reputation as being the intellectual headquarters for Fabian socialism.

"Fabian socialism is a subtle type of Marxism which originated in Britain," the article concludes. "Many important individuals in the Kennedy regime are Fabian Socialites [sic] from Harvard University."

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