Dudley's Boxers Win

Dudley House captured first place in the finals of the intramural boxing tournament yesterday, gaining three first places out of a possible seven. Quincy, Leverett, Eliot and Adams each took one match.

In the freshman championship matches, Holworthy and Thayer North tied for the team victory with two titles apiece. Wigglesworth West, Straus South, and Grays won the other three bouts.

Results in the House matches: 125 lb., Jim McNeeley of Dudley over Steve Josephs; 135, Jack D'Arcy of Dudley over Henry Applebaum; 145, Bill Smith of Dudley over Zeke Azikiwe (TKO in the second); 155, Jim Krindl of Quincy over Bill Keough; 165, Bob Hagebak of Leverett over Richard Jones; 175, Bob Guzzi of Eliot over Jon Cook; unlimited, Rick Rice of Adams over Jim Ullyot (TKO in the second).

Results in the freshman matches: 125 lb., Rick Martin of Holworthy over George Pieczenick; 130, Dan Chasan of Wigglesworth West over Doug Connors; 145, John Barr of Thayer North over Bill Beer; 155, Steve Most of Holworthy over Todd Cobey; 165, Jim Tucker of Thayer North over Dave Martin; 175, Ricardo (TKO in the first); unlimited, Bill John-Wilson of Strans South over Jim Brooks son of Grays over Bruce Henderson.

In the final bout--the House heavyweight championship--Rice (245 lb.) overpowered Ullyot (200 lb.) to successfully defend the title he gained last year without opposition.

Perhaps the most exciting fight of the evening for the five hundred fans in the IAB was the 175 lb. match won by Guzzi. Practically every punch thrown found its mark, and blood flowed from both noses.